You Can't Save Everyone

You Can’t Save Everyone

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What’s going on my friend?

Earlier this week, I wrote about my friend Calynda, who is Canada’s top Reflexology Therapist and Instructor.

Calynda occasionally speaks at the public library. This promotes her service and educates people.

There was a woman in attendance whom had been at every single one of these talks. Yet she had never patronized Calynda!

We learned her great passion was walking the United States capitals and land marks. If I understood her correctly, an injury prevented her from walking more often.

Age was a factor and she had considered a holistic approach.

Her excuse for not trying Reflexology is that it’s not covered by insurance.

This is very strange to me. Imagine the thousands she must have spent flying to various states and on accommodations.

Walking is supposedly her great passion – yet she won’t spend $500 to prolong it!

I was tempted to use my closing skills to root out the issue. Was it…

  • Trust?
  • Lack of money?
  • A competitor?

Calynda advised me to not bother. People can show up for the free content and nothing more.

Yet she was clearly interested as evident by her constant presence!

Our suspicion was that it’s none of those reasons. Some people just do not value themselves.

There are people you cannot serve because they lack the self-worth to pull the trigger.

They are so caught up in the immediate cost they cannot appreciate the much greater cost of inaction.

Let me state it plainly: No business can close them, nor are they obligated.

You can’t save everyone.

For every one of these people, dozens more do value themselves. They can look into the future and see how your product or service benefits them.

It is what it is.

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