Why Your Client Must Define Success

Why Your Client Must Define Success

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A friend of mine recently said, “Hey Chad, I have this client of mine. We’ve been in existence about the same amount of time (2 years).

When we deliver results, she never attributes that success to us. She believes it’s the natural trajectory of business.

Her business would have achieved that success organically.

Conversely, when there is failure, the client automatically blames us! Even when she cuts the budget to our service.”

It was a no win situation.

It got me thinking, “Well, have you ever asked that person what she would attribute success to your services with?”

What could they look at without denying that a win was because of my friend?

This is an important question. We assume our metric of success is the same for our clientele or prospect we’re trying to impress.

That’s not necessarily the case.

You must have them explain what their yardstick of success is. Otherwise, you’ll give them tons of meaningless data and they won’t appreciate your hard work.

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