Why You Should Charge More

Why You Should Charge More

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What’s going on gorgeous?

Let me tell you about my friend Calynda. She’s Canada’s top Reflexology Therapist and Instructor.

Calynda invited me to speak to her students on selling their newly acquired skill.

Their instinct was to lay out the facts and pitch friends and family. We simulated phone calls and they followed this pattern:

  • Here’s how I can fix you.
  • Here’s what I charge.
  • When can we start?

That can work if the student has enough rapport with their prospect.

I demonstrated the method taught by my mentor, Dan Lok, the King of High-Ticket Sales. This is just a snippet!

Suppose we’re calling Jim.

(Ring! Ring!)

“Hey Jim. How are you doing?”

“Not so good, buddy.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Got a bad back.”

“Yeah, your wife mentioned that. How’s that been for you? It must be a burden.”

“It is! I haven’t been working for the past 2 weeks.”

“Damn. How much has that set you back?”

“Losing $1,000 each week.”

“Jesus! You’re telling me a bad back cost you $2,000? Well, what have you tried?”

“Doctor prescribed pills but I’m not a fan. They cost $70 a pop and destroy my liver. And you know my brother struggled with addiction.”

“Yeah, I know that’s a big concern in your family. But what else are you going to do?”

“I don’t know… Hoping insurance kicks in but it’s a struggle putting food on the table. The problem doesn’t just disappear either.”

“Well, listen, I was recently trained by Canada’s top Reflexology Therapist. I know you prefer a holistic approach. Why don’t we meet up next week and have a look? The market rate $60/session for 5 sessions. I can give you the friend discount for half that.”

Jim is losing $4,000 each month.

Do you think he’ll bat an eye at $150? Of course not.

If you told me it was $300, I’d ask, “Why’s it so low?”

Suppose I’ve been in agony for years and tried many, many, many, many things. And you can save me from years of additional agony…

Even if it were a 10% shot, I’d still take it.

Don’t get hung up on price!

If you get hung up on price when you know you can transform your client’s life, you are doing them a severe disservice.

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