Why Trump Is A Genius

Why Trump Is A Genius

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You may or may not know I’m a Trump fan.

Yeah, he’s done things that tick me off as a Canadian citizen…

But, by-and-large, he’s a great leader for a Western country. He puts his country 1st, which is something my Prime Minister does not.

Anyway, to the point of this article!

This is relevant whether you voted for Trump or hate his guts. A criticism I hear of Trump is that he’s not worth as much as stated.

I’ll give. Trump is a showman. That could be the case.

People say his inheritance is worth much more when you factor in inflation.

My observation is this:

Suppose I gave you Trump’s inheritance and told you to start a

  • Million-dollar business
  • Presidential campaign

Would you know what to do with it?

I wouldn’t know what to do with it!

Of course not! I would have to do tons and tons of research!

Because I don’t have the necessary skillset.

And neither do 99% of people! If you snapped your finger and gave them Trump’s money, they would squander it.

Because it requires cash generation and people management.

Why do you think 70% of lottery winners go broke? A substitute teacher from small-town Iowa that gets a huge windfall won’t know what to do with it.

There was no long, arduous process of gaining and cultivating lucrative skills. They can’t replicate success.

“But Chad,” you say, “I’ll just hire people to make decisions.”

And who are the right people?

Identifying competence when you’re incompetent is a tall order.

To say Trump is merely lucky demonstrates ignorance. Sorry, not sorry. Nobody gets lucky that often.

Society has been talking about Trump for decades outside of politics. He is leveraging a charisma and knowledge the average person does not possess.

You can agree or disagree with me. That’s my observation.

Listen, if you want any measure of consistent success, you must be skilled. Period.

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