What Your Parents Really Meant When They Said Get A J-O-B

What Your Parents REALLY Meant When They Said “GET A J-O-B”​

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“I AM the guarantee.”

That’s what I told my Mom.

We were debating the merit of a commission-based sales role. She was emphatic that I needed a GUARANTEED income.

Whether you’re self-employed or an enterprising stooge, the hardest sale you can make is to your own family.

(And that’s coming from a man with 600+ hours of On-the-Phone Training & Live Calls!)

Declare your intention to pursue rIsKy BuSiNeSs under this disclaimer: You may wind up scratching your head, asking, “Didn’t they tell me I could achieve anything?”

Seldom do parents explicitly tell children they don’t believe in them. Yet consider the implication.

If they thought you were skilled, persistent, or resourceful enough, why would they tell you to play it safe?

What a novel concept! Being so confident in the value you bring to the marketplace that…

…Regardless of who’s building a factory in your town…

…What the Dow is at…

…If you have papers from a (broke) state college…

…Whether you even have a product to sell!…

You WILL find a way to succeed.

Today, I’m breaking down harsh realities. Here’s what your parents REALLY meant when they told you to work 40 years at a 9-5 you hate and then die:

·        “I don’t trust you to acquire the skills necessary to succeed on your own.”

·        “It’s only possible to make money when someone hands you a job.”

·        “You lack the ingenuity to solve problems without structure.”

·        “You will not be able to persuade enough people of your value.”

·        “You lack the work ethic & skill to do what is necessary.”

·        “You can achieve anything… as long as it doesn’t require RISK.”

“…Because that’s what I believe of myself!”

And that’s why it’s easier for a sumo wrestler to diet than for parents to wrap their head around entrepreneurship.

Mom once bemoaned that I didn’t close all my leads. Therefore, she implied, career sales is impossible. No credible entrepreneur or salesperson expects everyone to patronize them. Some will, some won’t, so what.

Parents encourage you initially because that’s what society, Disney, and New York Times’ best-selling motivational book expect them to do. When the chips are down and, “My God! Suzie may actually risk something for her dream”, they sing another tune.

As the Good Book says,

“What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?” -James 2:14

Faith can’t be weighed in your hand. What matters to most parents is the appearance of faith to avoid guilt.

How then can they teach you to have faith in yourself?

100% Honest Here – You Need A Successful Track-Record Before Being Taken Seriously.

My parents are partially justified in being skeptical because my track-record was horrible.

That’s why I refine skills which facilitate income anywhere. I may not always know the “how”, though I always know that I CAN in any industry!

·        You’re not supposed to interrupt strangers and land business opportunities, but I do.

·        You can’t cold dial a business 570 Kilometres away and get contracted for work, but I do.

·        You shouldn’t try to connect with 7-figure CEOs online, but I do.

·        You won’t be resourceful enough to earn money overnight, but I AM.

Guess I was supposed to rely on some other poor schmuck to take the risk first. 😉

 “No ability, no security.” -Dan Lok

Most parents implicitly tell you you’ll fail your whole life. It’s not easy to erase decades of programming.

But if you’re ready to become a LIVING, BREATHING GUARANTEE of financial success, you need to develop your High-Income Skills.

These are skills applicable across industries like selling, marketing, or programming. I’m obviously a big fan of selling in any medium and truly believe that Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer™ certification course laid the foundation for my future endeavors.

People are shocked to learn that you can earn 6 figures in entry-level sales!

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest skills to master AND an even harder career path. I don’t recommend it for most. But it’s a step toward financial self-dependence.

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