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What Your Money Objection Sounds Like

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Imagine you need a car.

For what purpose? Perhaps its available transport to the office. A car gives financial mobility to many families. Or perhaps you’re hauling service equipment. Whatever the reason, a car is a must!

Now imagine your partner unfurls the Sunday paper and exclaims, “Look, Honey, the dealership has a sale! The sedan is right within our budget. Let’s go today!”

To which you respond, “We can’t, I don’t own a car.”

You don’t have a car problem. You have a transport problem!

One which could be resolved easily. Phone a friend, call an Uber, take the bus, or borrow your parents Cadillac – be resourceful! You could drive off that lot in a permanent fix.

Now this sounds silly but…

It’s exactly what your price objection sounds like!

Tripping Over Dollars To Pick Up Pennies.

The Influencer whom I close with has a stellar product.

It’s fair to say he’s unparalleled. Dozens of people boast he’s doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their earnings. His funnel educates prospects and its value is obvious to many.

And those I speak with often exclaim it’s “exactly what we’re looking for!” Yet, sometimes, a peculiar reaction occurs when I ask the sale.

“I don’t have the money.”

Come again? You and I are on the phone precisely because that’s your problem! Like the car analogy, its consequences grow each week you delay.

I understand there’s a cap you can feasibly invest. However, the investment is extremely reasonable at $1,500 USD. Does that sound like a lot? I hate to break it to you, if you’re from a western country, you shouldn’t be in business.


Resources VS Resourcefulness.

Furniture in the typical U.S. household costs more. A single college semester is $1,000s! Despite this, some business owners with decades of experience, with employees who have mouths to feed, prefer to lose $10,000s.

I have 0 sympathy because I’ve taken those hits. Young entrepreneurs with 1/10th their experience and revenue found a way to make it happen.

There are credit lines, friends and family, crowdfunding and more. What can you sell? Which expenses are extraneous? If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way.

You Attract Who You Are.

Which isn’t to say I don’t own part of the blame.

In scenarios where I fail to close, I ask myself…

  • Did I adequately understand their pain?
  • Did they trust I could help them?
  • Have I demonstrated the product’s value?
  • Was there even a need?

My mentor has a saying: “You attract who you are.” The objections you get are the objections you give.

And so, I do reflect on my qualities. Am I the man I need to be?

Then there are those who will seldom make a change. They are stuck in victim mode. Their pain is, ironically, comfortable. What happens when they take away the last excuse? You cannot close them without lying.



Entrepreneurship is punctuated by risk. Your business will die if you aren’t brave in the necessities. Do you truly want change or is it a façade? Those who get on the phone with me are better actors than most.

Speaking of necessities, every business needs sales! Are you struggling to find the right words to close deals? Is your cash flow unpredictable?

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