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The 2 Video Platforms That Tolerate Free Speech

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I’m afraid to give this away.

The perpetually offended can’t censor you directly.

But how you express yourself is fair game. It’s a tactic called ‘deplatforming.’

In their mind…

  • You have a right to free speech but no venue should host you.
  • You can write what you want but no magazine should publish you.
  • You can film anything but we’ll report your video as abuse and have it removed.

And I’m being generous to these slimeballs.

This is a pain-in-the-ass if you live or die by your art, film, written work, or speech.

Online video is especially egregious.

Social Justice Warriors litter Silicon Valley. It’s no secret.

So just upload videos to your platform right? Sort of.

Video eats data faster than Fat Bastard at Golden Corral. You must host elsewhere then embed on your platform.

2 Video Platforms That Won’t Screw You.

I’ve found 2 hosts that fit my criteria:

  1. They won’t shut you down for offensive content.
  2. They host and play high-quality media.

There were over a dozen candidates but each was flawed. Vimeo allegedly removes ex-gay testimony. While I can’t condone that niche I must stand on principle and exclude Vimeo.

1) JW Player

JW Player logo

As used by The Milo Show with Milo Yiannopoulos.

Read his quotes if you think that’s unremarkable:

  • “Rape culture and Harry Potter… Both fantasy”
  • “It doesn’t surprise me to hear lesbians skeptical about family values.”
  • “To the victims of homophobia, patriarchy, street harassment and intolerance: don’t worry, we’ll put a lid on Muslim immigration.”

Milo is pretty much my barometer for what you can say and still have business dealings.

JW Player also supports the opposite end of that spectrum, VICE.


There’s an option for every operation.

Milo has 786 YouTube uploads. These are trailers to full-content exclusive to Milo Show subscribers.

He likely uses the Platinum model by this estimate ($1,200 annually). It allows up to 2,500 videos, 250,000 monthly plays, and live streaming.

Views beyond that require custom pricing. VICE guaranteed uses the Enterprise model.

Suppose you’re developing an app with video content. The Enterprise package lets you integrate JW Player into that app.

2) Neulion

Neulion logo.

As used by CRTV and UFC.

I personally use a NeuLion supported product: UFC Fight Pass. Its library contains hundreds of hours of footage.

You can switch between browser and mobile streaming. Needless to say, it’s for big hitters.

What’s important is they’ve partnered with conservative media. CRTV features Steven Crowder and Gavin McInness.

The former sent his intern to an LGTBQ meetup identifying as a computer. The latter penned the essay, “Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural.” Yikes!

Contact NeuLion for custom prices.

The Search Continues So Please Do This…

I hope to add to this list. Comment below on which platform you’re using whether it met my criteria or not.

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