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Transforming Boosted Posts Into Full-Blown Ads

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“Boosted Posts are ads”, I hear you say.

Sort of. They share features with Facebook Ads.

You can specify age, gender, location, and interests.

But Facebook Ads allow much greater control. Boosted Posts don’t always facilitate sales.

Suppose you’re running a discount promo.

$5 drink with your next meal. Visitors are instructed to click post and claim a voucher.

• Likes don’t pay your bills.
• Shares broaden awareness, but don’t pay your bills.

Boosted Posts only consider engagement. The objective is to get people clicking. You risk less money on Facebook Ads optimized for your goal.

Choose Facebook Ad Campaign Goal

The goal varies from campaign to campaign. I’ll show you how to optimize your post for Traffic.

Getting Started:
1. Type Facebook Ads into search console.
2. Select Ads Manager.
3. Choose account.
4. Press green ‘+ Create’ button.
5. Choose Traffic.

(This presumes you’ve set up an account. Follow the instructions otherwise)


This is something Boosted Posts get right (though ‘gurus’ may hate me for saying it). Facebook’s algorithm does a great job at targeting users based upon your desired action.

I leave audience broad when promoting local business to a small city. No interests.

audience for full-blown ads

But here’s where we get technical. Mobile advertising is often cheaper than desktop. Nearly 80% social media time is done on mobile.

I’ve run campaigns across devices where mobile exclusively gets clicks.
It could be true of your audience.

Full Blown Ads Mobile Placement

Next we’ll isolate platforms. You’ll likely find Feed placement delivers the best lick for your loonies. I rarely stray yet contacts report success with Right Column and Instagram placement.

Full Blown Ads Placement

You can optimize within your goal. Finish your ad set and hit Continue.

This is the most important part. Targeting is useless without compelling copy. Facebook will optimize to people most receptive to your offer.

You can rip the offer straight from your post. But what if testing revealed customers respond better to Get Offer than Learn More. Facebook Ads gives us several calls to action.

Turning Boosted Post Into Full Blown Ad

Hit confirm when satisfied.

That’s how you turn boosted posts into full-blown ads. And it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Still need help with this? Comment below or contact me directly.

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