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The Moment I Knew I Was A High-Ticket Closer™ (What To Expect Post Grad)

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Dan Peña said it best.

The #1 quality of an entrepreneur is the ability to endure pain for a long period of time.

Pain comes in many forms. The obvious example is financial pain. That was certainly true in my case. But pain is also pouring your heart and soul into failure upon failure over 10 years.

Mom encouraged me to “put my dreams out there” into the universe.

She often spoke of living abundantly. Though I love her dearly, reciting prose from The Secret is easy.

When you face constant rejection and don’t know how you’re going to put gas in your tank – that’s hard.

To share news elicits a primal reflex. If it’s bad news, it’s expected. If it’s good news, the next question is, “But what about tomorrow?” The skepticism is warranted because my track record is lousy.

Yet a peculiar event happened post-graduation: I actually made money!

Congratulations! You’ve graduated. Now what?

If there’s 1 criticism I have of the High-Ticket Closer™ certification program, it’s that it could mitigate false expectations better.

Yes, the enrollment team is careful not to make financial promises. And the harder you work, the quicker opportunities arise. But many graduates underestimate the time required to find qualified partners.

Non-proficient English speakers have a tougher road to hoe. A good way to judge your proficiency is if you understood that expression. 😉

(This does not apply if your audience is non-English speaking.)

Simply put, 7-weeks is not enough to master High-Ticket Closing. You will make mistakes. Even Dan Lok makes mistakes.

Growing pains are normal.

There are 2 levels in my opinion.

  1. Learning how to close.
  2. Learning how to close Influencers.

Influencers are the people you close on behalf of. Because it takes time to discover and nurture relationships, closing for a team is an attractive proposition. Most have already built relationships with an Influencer.

A team, who shall not be named, accepted me onto their 1-week trial. Before you could touch warm leads, you had to prove yourself with cold ones!

This was a pivot from HTC which emphasizes inbound calls!

But the HTC ethos is to expand your comfort zone. Becoming multi-faceted gives you clout.

The phrase ‘moral victory’ had never been so apt. While I didn’t close a single person, merely getting on the phone and carrying the call to completion was a feat. You could dial 100 times and speak with 10 people.

I was ultimately rejected. This was a blessing in disguise.

Your 1st Influencer

Determining who you should close on behalf of.

Work with people that have their shit together.

Harsh, but necessary for your financial stability. Closing is not a band-aid that fixes bad business. Your Influencer doesn’t have to be perfect, yet they must have a strong offer and marketing.

Closing accounts for 25% of their business at most. Dan himself cannot turn around any business that is fundamentally flawed.

I’m speaking from experience.

My 1st closing gig was with a local tech Startup.

The founder is a young guy that must have realized he struck gold!

His marketing consisted of cold e-mails. He lacked a solid funnel and defined offer. The team never bothered to collect testimonials. Users remarked on buggy transactions. But the coup de grâce? I had 15-minutes to close.

On the 1 hand, I would earn less than minimum wage under his commission structure. On the other, it was better than practicing for free.

A Closer, whom is now my team mate, encouraged me to take it. His 1st Influencer was also unqualified. Customers swore at him and he closed 0 deals.

That experience made him resourceful!

I proposed a 2-week trial to which the founder accepted.

Forged In Fire

Ask your potential partner if there are prospects they would disqualify. If their answer is, “Not really”, that’s a BAD sign. Don’t walk, run!

What struck me was the variety of people who I spoke with. Their backgrounds ranged wildly because there was no qualification process. Some had no business being in business. Others earned 6-figures or beyond!

A gentleman even represented a client endorsed by Oprah and Steve Harvey!

True to my friend’s story, I made 75 calls/week and only a handful closed.

No day was the same. It allowed me to experiment with techniques learned during class. I would soon reap the fruit of my labor when a legitimate team asked me to close on their behalf.

“Chad, what season are you?”

…Was a common refrain.

Community leaders often host supplementary training. This is a great way to prove you’re serious and get noticed by closing teams.

An original graduate taught concepts every Saturday morning. He challenged students to try them live.

While most gave typical responses, I played with resistance. These composed yet fluid exchanges prompted him to ask, “Chad, what season are you?” several times.

He soon presented an opportunity to close with his team. But if there was any doubt in his mind, what happened next expelled it.

The Moment

Dan Lok’s Inner Circle turns new graduates into closing blackbelts! He teaches advanced concepts once a month with his right-hand, Desmond.

Like normal HTC, a graduate can test their mettle in front of his/her peers. April 2019 was the fateful Spring I pledged myself as tribute.

I raised my virtual hand.

“Let’s see… we got Chad.” Said Tina, the community manager.

My real hands began to tremble. All I wanted to do was slink into the shadows! But there was no turning back.

“Chad, are you ready?” Dan asked.

“No, let’s do this.” I responded. Miraculously, the words didn’t catch in my throat.

Now, the graduate isn’t expected to do well. They are, after all, just learning the material.

But I emptied my mind and let the words flow. All that eclectic experience culminated in 1 beautiful exchange with Desmond.

He barked an objection – I stumbled momentarily – but responded with flourish.

“Stop,” Dan said. Time stood still.

“Chad, that was very well done. What season are you?”

We made small talk, of which I was too excited to remember.

“There’s no way you could have done that without HTC.”

Dan pressed a button on his desk that exclaimed, “You ARE a High-Ticket Closer!”

Triumph Short Lived
You Can Do It.

Praise poured in from fellow graduates.

“Well fvcking done,” said my now team lead.

People complimented my performance even days later. It was a highlight of my career.

I excitedly, somewhat incoherently, narrated the events to my Mom. Tears welled up in her eyes.


Nothing was insurmountable. No matter what anyone said, I WAS a High-Ticket Closer!

But the fan fair was short lived.

Later that evening, I dined with my parents. Mom inquired about sales during the week. There were none.

“So it was another week wasted…” she quipped.

And my spirit broke.

She was right to be concerned about money. To say it was wasted, though, illustrated different values. Those 100s of calls are what allowed me to impress Dan. This led to profitable closing opportunities.

What you can learn from this.

You may never truly have the support of friends and family. Those that do have differing ideas on what support means. The test comes when you’re persevering through failure.

Don’t worry about them.

Do what Sifu Dan says and success is a matter of time.

High-Ticket Closers enjoy a lifestyle few do but it’s not for the faint of heart. Many are called and few are chosen.

If you’re serious about it, schedule a 15-minute conversation to see if you’re a fit.


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