The 3 Secrets To Full Blown Facebook Ads That Deliver Over 30 Leads Even If You’ve Only Ever Boosted A Post

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Tell me if you’ve said the following:

  • “My boosted post got 0 customers.”
  • “I’ve had some success but changing algorithms have made it more difficult.”
  • “I didn’t have the response it predicted at all! A lot of people scrolled past.”

It’s not your fault. Nobody taught you Facebook Advertising.

Every business owner knows online advertising is the future. But why is it so hard to win at?

I’m breaking down 3 Secrets your Facebook Ad must embrace to generate customers. Do it right and people will walk over broken glass to buy from you.

Secret #1 Location, Location, Location Based Targeting

Facebook Ads Targeting Example

Ads will be shown in this radius.

Facebook targets a wide area by default. Your ads may be shown to neighboring towns if you operate in a small city like mine.

Let’s say you own a restaurant. Your ideal client is only within a few miles!

Choose your serviceable area in which ads will be shown. This prevents 90% of your budget from going to waste.

There are no residences south of our hypothetical business. It’s foolish to target a 3-mile radius in all directions because we don’t deliver to tumbleweeds! I’ve defined our zone with an additional pin in the above photo.

You can also target postal/zip codes in most cities.

Secret #2 Stop-Scrolling Attention-Grabbing Must-Buy-Now Offer

Queen City Coffee example ad.

This ad is garbage.

Please don’t do this. What’s wrong with this ad?

  • Stock photo – No human presence from the team. People can’t relate to stock imagery.
  • No offer – Why would I go here versus the coffee shop I’ve enjoyed for 5 years?
  • Doesn’t address reader – Ads that don’t immediately address readers are just noise.
  • No urgency – Okay, maybe I’ll visit months from now. If I’m in the area.

Wouldn’t you rather your customer saw your ad and felt like they’ve known you their whole life upon walking into your business?

A winning ad has 6 elements.

Regina Roofers Example Ad

  1. Call out the audience  – Be as specific as possible.
  2. Call out the pain – Which you’ll discover during customer research. I’ll explain this below. Your Facebook Ad must heap salt on their wound…
  3. Worthy offer – Yet offer a cure. When value is clear, decisions are easy.
  4. Scarcity based action – People take action when they’re afraid of missing out.
  5. Clear focused photo – Warm, inviting faces. You already feel like a client.
  6. Repeat worth offer, emphasize scarcity – Forget what your English prof. taught. Our eyes scan an ad. Your headline and small print should reinforce offer and urgency.

Now, in reality, I would dive deeper into the customers pain. That’s where customer research comes in.

Secret #3 Figuring Out What Your Client Actually Wants

Pizza Photo

Ever spent 30 minutes deciding what to get on your pizza?

I’ll bet you knew which toppings you didn’t like!

If you ask someone directly what they want to buy, they may contrive an answer. Ask instead what their frustrations are.

This approach was perfected by Brown-trained neurosurgeon turned $1M entrepreneur Ryan Levesque. His best-selling book, Ask, is mandatory reading for anyone in marketing.

It’s more than just figuring out what people will buy. You’re learning their ‘tribal language’.

Homonym illustration.

Put on your doctor’s gown (not literally that’s weird). A doctor asks where it hurts and diagnoses you in layman’s terms.

You may know your customers needs but do you know how your customer describes their pain? When you ask the right questions, you learn the exact natural phrases they use.

That is what determines your offer and writes your ad.

Levesque’s method was intended for online sales. I use a modified version for local business. A coffee shop, for example, can be more direct. You can ask what a clients favorite drink is and why they visit.

It comes down to your Single Most Important Question.

You want customers to pour their heart out. The longer their response, the more valuable the insight.


SMIQ: What is the #1 reason you enjoy Queen City Coffee?

Answer: My mornings are chaotic. I have 30 minutes to reach the office after shuttling my kids onto their bus (25 after chasing said bus once a week with their backpacks). Your coffee is the simplest part of my day. Queen City knows me by name and always has a perfectly hot Americano ready when I get there.

Let’s say our research corroborates that answer and we find professional women patronize the cafe during morning rush. I would write an ad like this.

Queen City Coffee Commute Club Example Ad.

Simple yet effective.

  • Calls out professionals.
  • Women empathize with imagery.
  • We restate their pain and how we solve it.
  • Extremely relevant yet scarce offer.
  • Call to action!

Let’s recap:

  1. Define your serviceable area.
  2. Follow 6 steps to compelling Facebook Ads.
  3. Do research! Seriously, get Ryan’s FREE book.

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