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Building An Online Brand When People Want To Kill You

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What Milo Yiannopolous’ Website Reveals About Being Yourself And Making Bank Online

Milo knows you can’t meet a hater half-way.

Which makes him the natural enemy of journos foaming at the mouth for his demise.

Milo Yiannopolous gained notoriety as Breitbart’s star journalist and a vocal Trump supporter.  His detractors are quick to associate Milo with white nationalism.

Milo’s refrain is that a half-Jewish man married to a black man is a poor candidate.

But how do you make a living when armed rioters show up to your speaking gig? His 2015 Dangerous Faggot tour will forever be associated with violence and vandalism.

Milo has since launched platform which “is dedicated to leading the battle for the soul of western civilization by harnessing MILO’s unique blend of laughter and war.”

Let’s break down Milo’s strategy for

1) Design

Web design for

Milo has always flaunted his gay status. It should be no surprise that his brand color is a hot pink named Razzmatazz (#e91158).

The reader is trained to click on Razzmatazz elements. Look at the logo and buttons. We call this an action color.

Pink seems to appear often but the layout is mostly white. Readers give pink elements special attention when they do appear. submit button. delivers written and video content.  It emphasizes recent articles with a feature image. Remaining content is divided into 3 columns.

  • Articles and Milo Show updates left.
  • Milo Show trailer and call to action, tour schedule, tip line, and shop items in the middle.
  • Enlarged video thumbnails and advertising right.

The Dangerous logo is inline with 6 navigational choices. A balanced design.

2) Revenue

Milo’s main income source is his exclusive show. It makes sense to feature it.

A hot pink banner with large text is placed above everything else. The banner follows readers and my eyes are drawn back to it.

It’s not coincidental The Milo Show trailer is centered. Research by University of Chester suggests we prefer middle objects. You were probably drawn to the pink color.

I scan in this order:

  1. Banner.
  2. The Milo Show trailer.
  3. Featured image.

Put your product or service where people look!

Milo profits from books sold under his Dangerous Boutique imprint. You could buy FATWA on Amazon but the most fabulous option is shaded in.

What stands out gets clicked!

FATWA on by Milo Yiannopolous

Dangerous Boutique is powered by Woocommerce. You can open this type of shop instantly. Boutique by Milo Yiannopolous

The header consists of several images rotated out. I don’t have’s statistics but I generally advise against this.

A 2013 study by Search Engine Land reveals almost nobody clicks on image sliders. The rationale is that image sliders violate a powerful psychological phenomenon – Hick’s law.

More choices means more time thinking about said choices. Readers say, “Fuck it”, and leave.

You could instead put navigation at the top and feature 1 product below it.

Milo understands 2 things about his audience. They are:

  1. Conservative.
  2. Internet savvy.

Showing negative reviews normally sinks your product. Milo’s book, Dangerous, proudly recalls them.

”Cynical ignorant fucker.” –Stephen Fry

”YUCK AND BOO AND GROSS.” –Sarah Silverman

Conservative readers despise progressive personalities. If they hate Milo’s books, he must have a point! A 5-star rating supports their hypothesis.

Silverman and Fry are big names in their own right. Politically neutral readers will have their interest piqued.

Milo’s burden would crush a lesser man. His presence sparks outrage and makes a private life non-existent.

The upshot of domestic terrorists wanting to bash your head in is that you know who your fans are. Consider this poster:

Trigger Man on Dangerous Boutique by Milo Yiannopolous
Oh. My. God.

Does that product offend you? It’s fine because you’re not Milo’s target audience. He isn’t in the business of converting haters into buyers and neither should you.

3) Secret Language uses jargon true Milo fans understand. Post categories are renamed into descriptors he personally uses.

  • Cancer = feminism. Milo once posed the question, “Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer?”
  • Incel means involuntarily celibate. Incel Corner covers SJWs infiltrating culture and systems. I.e. ‘Rotten Tomatoes deletes negative Black Panther reviews.’
  • Daddy is Milo’s pet name for Trump.

The Milo Show clientele aren’t merely subscribers. He christens them VIP Club Members. How can you use secret language to make your fans die-hard?

4) Covering Your Ass

Sticks and stones break bones but if you want to hurt someone, shut down their website.

Lunatics censor Milo in real life and you can bet they attack him online. A common tactic is the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

The server hosting your website handles limited traffic. DDoS attacks swarm your server with fake traffic. Verisign reports there are 50 million attacks annually. is protected by a service called CloudFlare. This is an absolute must-have.
CloudFlare stopped the largest DDoS attack on record in 2013.


CloudFlare speeds up and protects your website! likely uses the Business plan.

5) Search

Ranking page #1 for the keyword ‘dangerous’ is an unlikely feat. It’s too broad. Google returns the word definition, Michael Jackson’s album, and a film.

Milo Yiannopolous’ YouTube channel is 4th place for keyword ‘Milo’. Not bad when your competitor is a Hollywood celebrity!

Punching in ‘Milo Yiannopoulos’ returns the following:

  1. Milo’s Wikipedia entry.
  2. His YouTube channel – 768k subscribers
  3. Facebook page – 2,3mm  likes
  4. Instagram – 332k followers

1% conversion of YouTube subscribers to The Milo Show VIP Club Members is $364,800 annually. 

That doesn’t factor in book sales or speaking engagements.

There is a caveat. Twitter has already banned Milo. His social media is at the mercy of a notorious left-wing industry. doesn’t even rank for Milo’s name! If his social media is shut down, so to are fresh eyes.

That is a problem because remaining entries are negative press. My recommendation is that Milo ask advocates to write long-form pieces about him and

Observe that Google rewards authoritative content.

“All press is good press,” is true when you can be found.


A person without shame can make a living online.

Take your personality traits and dial them up to 11. Milo’s opponents were never going to give him a fair shake.

You don’t have to be provocative but you don’t have to walk on eggshells. It’s easier to nurture fans than convert haters.

Your turn

Did you find this analysis useful? What tactics can your own brand use?




You can sell your brand online without censoring yourself.

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