How Restaurants Can Use John Taffer’s ‘Red Napkin’ For Lifelong Customers

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I’ve never watched Bar Rescue.

Yet its host, John Taffer, gave me the best restaurant marketing I’d ever heard.

Mr. Taffer was interviewed by $160MM entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. He cited 3 stats about loyal customers.

John Taffer being interviewed by Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. The likelihood of a 2nd visit is 40% if their experience was perfect.
  2. The 3rd is 42%.
  3. But the 4th is over 70%.

So he emphasized the initial 3 visits. I call his approach the ‘Red Napkin Strategy’, you’ll see why.

  • John publishes coupons offering a free meal to new customers.
  • He places a red napkin on their table to flag management.
  • Manager builds repertoire with customer and handwrites special offer on back of business card.
    ie. You’ve gotta try my chicken next time. $5 off for new friends.
  • Manager repeats with dessert offer on 2nd visit.
    ie. Stuffed? Try my dessert next time. Here you go, free dessert.

Customer is loyal for life 3rd visit.

Why this works:

1st impressions need an opportunity. A $400 print ad doesn’t guarantee they’ll visit. But everyone wants a free lunch. Your budget is spent when they are physical seated. Free, unlike discounted, is not expected twice.

You’ve given financial and psychological reasons to return. But passing out coupons takes valuable time.

I’ll show you how to launch an easy Facebook Ad that obliterates cost and makes customers come to you each step of the way.

Step 1) Create a Traffic Campaign

Choosing an objective for your Red Napkin Facebook Ad Campaign

Step 2) Open targeting

Targeting for a Red Napkin Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook is smart. Let it do its job and find receptive customers. I don’t adjust targeting because my small city is populated by 200,000ish people.

Densely populous areas like Toronto have 6 figure populations within a mile. Narrow it as closely as you can.

Edit Placement to match Feed only. Start your budget at $5.00 and optimize for link clinks.

Step 3) Write the ad.

Facebook Ad for Deep Fried Pickle Burger.

Admit it: You’d try this burger and the place doesn’t even exist!

My copy is effective because:

  • Locals are called out.
  • Offer is limited.
  • Multiple calls to action
  • Photo makes your mouth water.

And everyone likes FREE burgers… duh. The headline reiterates these points.

Step 4) Exchange information for coupon.

There are 2 ways you can do this.

Method 1

Create a lead capture page using tools like ClickFunnels or Leadpages. Or have your web designer make it. Keep it simple by asking for their name and email address.

Send an email after a person opts in. This process can be automated with a mail service or Zapier. Tell the recipient to redeem before a certain date.

E-mail delivered to Red Napkin Ad recipients.

Collect email addresses when you can. Facebook can sever contact with your fans instantly. Addresses are the 1 constant among ever changing social media. Plus you have greater control over content.

Management continues the process offline.

Method 2

Run a campaign where customer must open messenger to redeem coupon code. This is what they may see upon clicking the button.

You then send a code or instruct recipient to show staff. The beauty of this method is that you can save people stuck in the funnel. Imagine seeing this in your Facebook feed.

Red Napkin retargeting ad

That would blow your damn mind. It makes you feel like the restaurant cares and gives financial incentive to return.

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