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How Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program Changed My Life (And Why You Probably Shouldn’t Enroll)

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You can be brilliant and broke.

My entrepreneurial journey is a cautionary tale. Most people believe that we champion new ideas.  The reality is that few successful people are original.

It was November 2018 and I had been running my latest venture Amore for several months. The concept is to provide unique romantic experiences for couples that lack time, confidence, and connections to do so themselves.

Here’s an appetizer:

  • An award-winning chef prepares an intimate 3-course meal in your home.
  • Local florists adorn the table.
  • A musician serenades you both in the genre of your choice.

Sounds magical, right?

I peered into people’s eyes and saw the fantasy they wove as I explained Amore. Everyone applauded my genius. “Nobody does anything like this”, they said.

For good reason – I was broke!

Skills vs. Ideas

Look at the comment section of any guru’s social media. You’ll see a pattern.

  • “What business should I start?”
  • “What should I invest in?”
  • “What do you think of X?”

Here’s an unpleasant truth:

I spent 10 years searching for the perfect opportunity and made less than a teenager entering the work force.

Amore’s price point was too high for my market to spend on an evening. Yet too low to appeal to the affluent.

So, I lowered my prices…

The orders rolled in and my time rolled out! There was 0 margin to outsource.

My last resort was to raise prices. Even then I knew it required a special skillset plus marketing dollars to reach a new audience.

It hit me:

Prior mentors cautioned against trading time for $$$. Because I jumped from idea to idea, I had no developed skill to offer in exchange for capital. They were wrong.

Enter The King of High-Ticket Sales™.

My 1st opportunity to join HTC came from Dan’s personal closing team. At the time, I had enrolled in his Dan On Demand™ mentoring program and mistook the invitation for an assignment.

Dan’s philosophy was different. If you lack business skills, no business works.

High-Ticket offers are $2,000+. At best, learning to close them would save Amore! At worst, I had a skill to fall back upon.

I trusted Dan because his free content helped me close a deal in the past.

Sadly, I did not enroll.

Humans crave consistency. I was afraid that people would judge me for pursuing yet another idea.

But it planted the seed! And I knew it was the right choice.

The High-Ticket Closer™ program welcomed me into Season 7 with moments to spare.

Are you smarter than a millionaire?

No excuses, no opinions, no BMWs (bitching, moaning, or whining).

Those are HTC rules.

You’d think a student would be self-aware of their ignorance. That’s why they joined!

Yet people had the audacity to question Dan. Perhaps because Dan emphasized mindset.

“What? Mindset? Just give me the damn words to use!”


If that’s your attitude, don’t enroll. You cannot close effectively without appreciating the philosophy.

HTC taught me a profound truth:

“You attract who you are.” – Sifu Dan Lok.

  • If you’re cheap, your clients are cheap.
  • If you’re indecisive, your clients are indecisive.
  • If you’re unethical, your clients are unethical.

An interesting shift happens 4 weeks into the program.

As you grow, relating to old friends and family becomes difficult. Therefore, people ascribe cult status to Dan Lok’s program.

What’s actually happening is that you’re shedding a lifetime of negative beliefs. It’s truly like looking into the Matrix.

People notice the change and not always for the better. You will have difficult conversations.

Cleaning out the crabs.

…Such as a conversation with a long-time friend!

HTC is a 7-week program. I kindly requested he let me 100% focus on it.

On Week 6, he insisted that I drop everything to help him pirate a game. In fact, I owed him because his parents patronized Amore.

Here I was trying to better my livelihood and he didn’t care.

I blocked him on social media over the holiday season. When we did speak, I blew up on him. It was a difficult, yet necessary, conversation to establish boundaries.

(Fortunately, we patched things up and our relationship is better than ever.)

“You’re a what?”

Starting is the hardest part. My jiujitsu brothers were incredulous.

“How can you be a closer without a product to close?”

So, when presented with news of a $12,000 closing opportunity, they called it a scam.

 “Why don’t you just sell cars?”

Ironically, people who had not accomplished their dreams told me how to accomplish mine. Though I love them, I knew it came from a place of insecurity.

A fellow graduate earned that opportunity, but it showed what was possible.

Which brings me to the $$$!

Dan Lok Money Guns.

Everyone’s favorite part!

Listen, you could make your investment back during the course. A fellow graduate closed $2 MILLION revenue for his company within months.

Or, it could take you a year.

People come from different backgrounds, with different skillsets, different networks, and varying English proficiency.

A young guy recently inquired about the program. His family was pushing him toward a J-O-B and he claimed he wanted financial freedom.

I was peppered with questions like…

  • “Is it hard?”
  • “How many hours do I have to put in?”
  • “Will Dan Lok give us the opportunities?”

He was looking for a J-O-B from an eccentric employer.

The tragedy of people looking for the quickest and easiest way to make money is that they waste years finding it.

HTC is probably the fastest way to earn 6-figures. I’m convinced it’s requisite for all other skills.

And it’s hard, man.

But those are the wrong questions. If someone was truly giving you an opportunity to dig yourself out of debt, provide for your family, travel where you please, splurge on dinner, and be your own boss, what wouldn’t you sacrifice?

The benefits aren’t just monetary.

My Mom has been in a toxic work environment for years. The stress was literally killing her.

Pre-HTC, we pressed her to quit. “Well, they aren’t that bad…”, she lied.

HTC changed my perspective. Instead, I had her reach a conclusion. It was a painful experience.

“Why are you sick?”

“Because work is causing this affliction.”

“What happens if you don’t change?”

“I’ll probably die. But I want to grow old with your Dad.”

“Is pleasing your co-workers more important than growing old with your husband?”


She has transitioned to part-time and will soon retire.

Choose the right partner.

A Closer is only as good as the person they’re closing for.

The man I close on behalf of is in the insurance niche. He recently launched a new webinar, Facebook advertisement, and funnel. Appointments are filtering in.

While leads are sparse this week, I understand that we’re building momentum.

Many Closers get discouraged because they bite at any opportunity. Their Influencer, frankly, sucks. I’ve learned the hard way even the best Closer can’t fix a bad business.

But, I gotta tell you, making $200 in 45-minutes or less is wild.

What’s next?

Dan has given us the blueprint for success. I am a Closer 1st and foremost. Developing this 1 skill will be very lucrative over time.

I anticipate launching a high-ticket experience with Amore. This time, it would be congruent with Dan’s philosophy.

(And I know where to find killer Closers.)

You’re probably expecting an affiliate link.

Truth is, I don’t want to share it.

I’ll instead share a story from Dan Lok’s top closer.

You may have the money; you may have the time. But if you’re rude or uncoachable, he will reject your application. And if you somehow sneak into the program, he will tell support to refund your investment.

That’s how serious they take the culture. It’s important for me to honor that spirit.

Most people aren’t willing to empty their cup. If you are and you’re serious about learning a High-Income Skill, let’s schedule a time to talk.

Do you follow Dan Lok? Comment below with your favorite advice.


  1. This is a brilliant synthesis of a journey through Dan LOK’s HTC class. As a graduate myself, I can relate with every word Chad wrote here.
    HTC it’s not for everyone.
    If you believe you have the guts, go ahead and schedule a call with him!
    You will be sorry if you don’t!

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