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The 3 Secrets To Full Blown Facebook Ads That Deliver Over 30 Leads Even If You’ve Only Ever Boosted A Post

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Tell me if you’ve said the following: “My boosted post got 0 customers.” “I’ve had some success but changing algorithms have made it more difficult.” “I didn’t have the response it predicted at all! A lot of people scrolled past.” It’s not your fault. Nobody taught you Facebook Advertising. Every business owner knows online advertising is the future. But why …

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How Restaurants Can Use John Taffer’s ‘Red Napkin’ For Lifelong Customers

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I’ve never watched Bar Rescue. Yet its host, John Taffer, gave me the best restaurant marketing I’d ever heard. Mr. Taffer was interviewed by $160MM entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. He cited 3 stats about loyal customers. The likelihood of a 2nd visit is 40% if their experience was perfect. The 3rd is 42%. But the 4th is over 70%. So he emphasized …