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You Can’t Save Everyone

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What’s going on my friend? Earlier this week, I wrote about my friend Calynda, who is Canada’s top Reflexology Therapist and Instructor. Calynda occasionally speaks at the public library. This promotes her service and educates people. There was a woman in attendance whom had been at every single one of these talks. Yet she had never patronized Calynda! We learned …

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Why Hit Pieces Outrank Honest Journalism (And How To Fix It)

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‘Alt-Right’ equals lazy journalism. Don’t believe me? Take a shot for every headline mentioning the alt-right, far-right, or white nationalism. (Now stop. I need you sober to read.) I’ve noticed hit pieces outrank honest media. Even if the piece is shit with no engagement.  Here’s what I think is going on and how to fix it. Let’s take Lauren Southern …