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7 Ways Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Helps Your Sales

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Martial arts, Closing, it’s all the same.
– Dan Lok, The King of High-Ticket Sales

You can judge a person’s character by the way they roll.

(That’s sparring for you non-Jiujiteiros.)

If they’re sneaky on the mat, they’re clever in business. If a person rips out their mouthguard and pouts upon losing, they quit in life. Somebody with bread & butter finishing moves is forthright.

Anybody that trains benefits in all areas of life.

I truly believe that the reason I’ve achieved sales success is because of the solid crew at North West Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Gentle Art is, ironically, one of the hardest arts you can commit to. It builds character for that very reason.

It’s particularly applicable to business! Here are 7 Ways Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Helps Your Sales:

1. Drill Technique Until It’s Second Nature

12x Black Belt World Champion Caio Terra says technique above all else wins championships. Drill technique until you recognize an opening and move without hesitation!

You can be naturally talented, but the prepared athlete is comfortable in all situations. Every jiujiteiro knows what happens when the smaller, technical player takes a meat head out of his element. They’re like a child!

By contrast, the professional has drilled 1000s of hours. Literally.

Sales is the same. I practiced 300+ hours during Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Closer™ 7-week certification program. It’s the reason alumni asked, “Chad, what season are you?”, when listening to simulated calls. 

Charisma carries you until the prospect throws a curveball. Then you’re pinned on your back and choked to death. That’s why we practice objection handling.

But the right word without confidence is like a clumsy submission. Don’t get excited! Immerse yourself in the script until the words flow from you.

2. Pressure Test What You’ve Learned

You can’t bullshit in Jiu-Jitsu.

Joint locking a compliant partner is easy. A meathead bucking for dear life is another matter!

That’s why our gym emphasizes situational sparring. Essentially, we start in a position and do a live match from there. Example: Start in mount. 1st to escape or submit wins.

Though I am an intermediate Jiujiteiro (Blue Belt, 1 stripe at time of writing), certain positions are money. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Black Belt – you’re gonna have a bad time!

But the master has failed more than the student has tried.

Scripts, lines, and philosophies are a sword to be sharpened. You must practice them against many personalities in multiple situations.

Full roleplays are great! Every competitor spars! Emphasis on parts of the sale is akin to situational sparring. You need both full rolling and situational sparring to be complete.

Sweat in the dojo, bleed less in competition. Sport Jiu-jitsu has 0 strikes, but the adage applies. You must perform well in a safe, friendly environment to stand a chance in competition.

Dan Lok’s Closer family was there to help. Leverage your team mates and roleplay until you dream about sales! But don’t merely stay in the dojo…

3. Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing

You could arguably never compete in a tournament and still attain Black Belt. But what fun is that?

Competition is where your abilities are put to the test against hungry strangers. You learn lessons the academy can’t anticipate.

Just like a real call! Though it’s all theoretically the same in practice, complex emotions are involved. Why does it feel different to ask a real prospect for the sale?

Again, see points #1 & #2 to curb anxiety. Even a real call is as casual as breathing in time.

4. Be Detached From The Outcome

Train but go in without expectations.

This is a hard concept to wrap your head around and is something that I struggled with. What’s the point if you don’t care about winning?

Of course winning is important. But 1 match doesn’t define you.

Attachment to the outcome induces stress. Stress makes you inefficient. Inefficiencies burn up your gas tank. No fuel means you lose.

Prospects can smell desperation like sharks swarming in blood. It’s the scent of every stereotypically sleazy sales person! Don’t put your needs above theirs!

Focusing instead on the prospect builds genuine rapport. People do business for 2 reasons:

  1. They like (trust) you.
  2. They want to be like you.

And everyone likes the patient councillor not just in it for $$$. The funny thing is that they win their trust and their $$$! Even if you’re purely motivated by profit, focus on their needs 1st.

5. Be Like Water

Did you know Black Belts can see the future?

Kind of. They’re actually quick to assess possible moves and counters. That’s why their reaction time seems inhuman. “This is Chess, not Checkers!” as the saying goes.

But there is no best strategy. You work with what an opponent gives you. Technique beats all and if the technique fails you simply chose the wrong one!

Every martial artist knows Bruce Lee’s famous quote:

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

It’s true in sales as in BJJ.

How can you truly empathize with a prospect if you’re reading from a script? Scripts are helpful – recommended in fact – but you need to pivot quick when the situation requires.

6. Few Will Put In The Time

There’s a pernicious infection called “Blue Belt Fever”.

Many practitioners stall at Blue Belt level. They abandon habits that got them there, take some time off, and are never heard from again.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is hard! Did I say that already?

2% of Jiujiteiros become Black Belts. Life gets in the way or they become complacent.

Sales has a huge turnover rate. Why? It’s hard. Many can’t cut it while others let success diminish their drive.

Don’t be discouraged when colleagues come and go. You’re in it for the long haul.

7. It’s The Foundation For All Other Skills

Every pro Mixed Martial Artist grapples.

Conor McGregor, whom is notorious (see what I did there) for precision striking, and whose losses all came by way of submission, is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

You simply don’t compete at that level without grappling knowledge. There may be lucky punches, but there are no lucky armbars.

The reason I’m big on High-Income Skills is because those lay the foundation for entrepreneurship. High-Ticket Closing in particular is the foundation upon which said skills are built.

Think about it: Best Graphic Designer on Earth? Not if you can’t sell.

Throwing a punch is harder when you have to stuff a double-leg. Therefore, sales, as in grappling, is often the cornerstone upon which a style is built. Who better to nominate for CEO than a rainmaker?

BONUS 8. Love What You Do And Be Humble

So you had that bicep taut around his carotid artery, collar bone melting into the armpit, and a 4000 psi squeeze… and he got out!?

No matter. It’s just Jiu-jitsu.

Few people will remember your wins and losses. And the learning process is never-ending. There is always a new perspective, a missing detail, or movement to fine-tune.

Marcelo Garcia is arguably the greatest pound-for-pound grappler in the world. He boasts that he loves Jiu-jitsu more than anyone.

Can you say the same about selling? Fall in love with each lesson it presents.

How you can develop your sales skills.

If I’ve done my job correctly, this entry has lit a fire under your ass to either:

  1. Get back on the mat.
  2. Improve your sales.

(Or both.)

You can discover the 1 Sales Skill I use to generate $10,000s in new revenue. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or closing for an employer, you will take your income to the next level. And the best part? You don’t have to leave your home! Talk about an easy commute.

Click the button to learn more now:

It’s not for everyone though – yet neither is Jiu-jitsu! You can read about my experience. 

Did I miss anything? Share how you think martial arts prepares you for business.

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