5 Things You're Missing That A Closer Can't Fix

5 Things You’re Missing That A Closer Can’t Fix

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Are you ready for a miracle?

Clap your hands for the man chiseling endless, placid leads from Arctic permafrost with his 40″ member.

If your Bottomline has flatlined, call the doc that molds any biz – any industry – into dollars on demand in ONE CALL. Even if no one knows who the hell you are!

(Now pinch yourself. You’re dreaming.)

Closers are only human, and their role is to compliment your business.

How do I know? I’ve ruined several and closed with those who weren’t much better. You learn to pre-empt the amateur driving 100mph into a wall.

Before you bet every chip on Closers turning poop into profit, know that any salesperson worth their salt will hard PASS if your business shows these 5 holes.

Hole 1) You Don’t Even Have An Offer.

Story time:

The 1st start-up I closed with was a platform connecting brands to influencers (i.e. Instagram models). What the platform DID was tangentially related to any PROBLEM it may have solved.

As a Closer, I didn’t know what I was closing the prospect on! The founder wanted them to invest as much as possible – but to what end?

Because there was no definitive offer, there was no frame of reference. Even if I had 100% clarity on their challenges and goals, I couldn’t recommend a solution.

This led to rejecting a near-close. Ironically, that client appreciated my honesty and spent $1000+.

Hole 2) You Don’t Have Any Case Studies or Testimonials.

Marketing pioneer John Carlton has earned $1,000,000s writing campaigns and taught others to do the same. Even he won’t touch products lacking testimonials.

That should tell you how powerful they are.

No Closer can say it better than your biggest fans. Testimonials address skepticism before prospects answer the phone.

And while high-ticket purchases still require human interaction, testimonials clear smoke & mirrors when played shrewdly.

“Let’s bottom line this. What do you need to make the best decision, Mrs. Prospect?”

“Reviews or testimonials would be nice…”

You’ve probably heard that before. Having results in your back pocket allows Closers to commit sincere clientele.

And don’t forget that Closers need to be certain your product works. 🙂

Hole 3) You Have No Inbound Leads

“If I come to you, I’m a salesperson. If you come to me, I’m an expert.” -Dan Lok

Yes, cold-calling works for some industries (though even that I doubt). It’s just not an optimal use of a Closers training.

For example, I’ve closed a product helping insurance agents write more policies from outbound calls. Yet those agents leveraged known policyholders. Ergo, there was a need.

“Oh, but cold calling is an art, man!”

So is Tai Chi. The # of practitioners that could whoop a high school wrestler are statistically insignificant. Do they exist? Maybe. It’s just not an optimal combat art.

Okay, cold-calling is more effective than Tai Chi and door-to-door salespeople can earn 6-figures annually. It’s a matter of positioning. Your relationship with the client is entirely transaction and they will always consider you beneath them.

And they’ll grill your Closer because you lack authority!

You can otherwise be on mutual or greater footing given social media’s targeting. They have an illness and now approach YOU for the cure.

Adcopy addressing an ideal client’s specific pain and goal is superior than a cold approach. Duh.

Hole 4) Your Prospect Isn’t Educated Enough

That start-up technically provided inbound appointments.

How they’re provided is equally important! The founder’s process was to cold-email brands a 6-minute video scarcely scratching the surface of his model.

You can imagine the lead quality sucked.

Go to Cancun International Airport. The dorks handing out timeshares aren’t the sharks closing. Your marketing musteducate prospects somewhat and set a foundation for the call.

Here’s a secret: Prospects often decide “yes” or “no” prior to a call. Closers hold up a mirror to clarify why.

It’s hard to root up gut-wrenching shame and nervous excitement when you’re listing nuts & bolts.

B2B conversations are a little different. You can talk nuts/bolts because the prospect is gauging your acumen. Bottom line: Closing is not appointment setting nor marketing.

Hole 5) You Have No Branding

Despite dumping on cold-calling, modern lead generation is not without its failing.

The Cost Per Click on Facebook is going UP. It’s simply a numbers game. Rates go up as more people adopt a platform.

The cherry on top is another round of demonetization and ad censorship ala YouTube.

So what’s the solution?

Growing your personal or corporate brand to survive any changes! Google Ads had their heyday. Myspace is a forgotten relic. But Coca-Cola, Tony Robbins, and NFL live on.

My mentor, Dan Lok, estimates that a prospect is comfortable investing $1,000 for every hour of content they consume.

Pumping ads to cold traffic is no longer reliable. If your costs are too high, you can’t acquire leads. If you can’t acquire leads, Closers can’t help anyone!


So-called competitors will choke on your dust after filling these 5 holes alone. A+ Closers are drawn to A+ businesses.

Did you note any gaps in your business? Do you think I’m completely full of it? Share your story in the comment section or forever hold your peace.

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