5 Mistakes Restaurant Websites Make That Drive Customers Away

4 Mistakes Restaurant Websites Make That Drive Customers Away

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These infuriate your customers.

And they are so easy to fix.

Flavor tones jump to some as if an ingredient were overpowering. Poor design claws at my eyes the same way.

Fix these mistakes and your customers will never eat in again.

1) Your Menu Is A PDF

Hoo boy.

This is the worst offender. I could finish my article right here.

Your customer wants immediate access to the menu. Each step increases the likelihood of them leaving entirely.

PDF files are the biggest pain-in-the-ass.

Know why? 'Cause 52.2% of web traffic is on mobile.

Try reading a PDF on your phone and you'll see it ain't pretty. Most are improperly formatted.

Your menu is an experience. They may as well be at your restaurant.

Thanks Denver's Pizza

Sorry to pick on you guys.
You rule!

2) Pointless Pages and Copy

Your design must be concise. Avoid repeating phrases across separate pages.

For example, unless each course is unique, you don't need multiple pages for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

1-page design is well-suited to restaurant websites. This design accommodates your natural instinct.

Observe that mobile users swipe down like a funnel. People read menus from top-to-bottom.


3) Not Using Professional Photos (Or Using Stock Photos)

Look at these 2 photos. Which pizza would you prefer? 


Photos sent from your iPhone just won't cut it. There's a reason McDonald's digitally edits advertisements. 

You don't have to airbrush hamburgers but do hire a commercial photographer.

The flip side is using high-quality photos that don't match your product. I've ordered thick juicy pizzas from websites featuring thin-crust. 

4) Not Mobile Friendly

88% people searching for restaurants on mobile devices patronize that business within 24 hours!

...But 61% likely wont return to sites with poor mobile design.

And 40% visit a competitor!

A seamless experience across devices boosts profits. A poor design sends profit to your rival.

Don't do this:


I hate to see awesome restaurants lose customers because of poor web design. Has poor design affected your buying decisions?

Let me know in the comments below.


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